Science Cheerleader is an organization of over 300 current and former NFL and NBA cheerleaders pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. Our message is to promote STEM education in young kids, especially women. We playfully challenge stereotypes while encouraging the next generation to pursue their passions. I volunteer my time as a coordinator for Science Cheerleader where I help recruit and interview NFL and NBA cheerleaders, coordinate their appearances at local events, and organize national events. I also assist in strategic initiatives to help grow our organization and improve our processes.

Product Development Engineer, Intern

Honeywell Aerospace​

CBS Interactive​


Samantha Sanders, PMP, CSM

Sr Specialist Technical Project Management
Project Manager - Emerging Platforms

I interned for the Customer and Product Support department for Honeywell Aerospace and Defense. My job was to be a project manager for various teams. One of my largest accomplishments was creating 19 Repair and Overhaul Instructions for a customer program. These documents were a customer requirement, and I was responsible for presenting the work to the customer. Our customer was excited about our progress and led Honeywell to extend my internship because they needed my work ethic in order to complete the manuals by the end of the year. I also led two different core teams which consisted of representatives from several locations across the globe. These teams were responsible for implementing Visual Management and 5S in the office area. It was my job to research and help my team develop ways to translate these manufacturing floor idealologies to general office areas. 

During my time at Honeywell, I received my Six Sigma Green Belt certificate. I attended a week-long course hosted by the company to learn all of the skills necessary to use Six Sigma in everyday projects. I successfully created a process map (with inputs and outputs), a control chart, and a waste identification chart.

Customer and Product Support Project Manager, Intern
Regional Coordinator, National Events Manager

I manage the development of the CBS application on Android, Amazon Kindle, AndroidTV, FireTV, Windows devices, Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4, and Roku devices. As a Certified Scrum Master, I run the scrum team ceremonies and help remove impediments for my team. I also act as a representative to external stakeholders in which I provide updates and changes to our apps. As a project manager, I look for continuous process improvement and opportunities for both my team and the PMO.

I worked in the Wi-Fi Engineering department and have had several roles during my time here. I began as the standards and quality improvement subject matter expert where I documented all of our work and looked for ways to streamline our processes. I then moved to network engineering where we were responsible for designing and reviewing designs for large Wi-Fi deployments to serve AT&T customers. I managed all Temporary Event projects (concerts, festivals, conventions, etc.) where it was my responsibility to represent engineering to other teams and made sure our technical capabilities could support the business vision. 

I then moved to the PMO to lead various projects. I supported regular software development projects as well as executive-sponsored initiatives for innovation. I'm constantly learning new things and interacting with teams with all types of backgrounds.

In my time, I have:

  • Completed Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
  • Led the software development for an internal tool to add certified hardware to our server software. Time reduced from months to minutes.
  • Managed over 60 unique events​
  • Supported introduction of next generation equipment to increase capacity and data throughput 200-300% (depending on the event)
  • Led core team consisting of executives to evaluate a new technology and make technical recommendations for integration into the business
  • Created formal standards documentation and process maps for all supported programs 
  • Organized team presentations
  • Created formal communication path between teams
  • Identified process gaps that can affect overall quality of our customer experience
  • Conducted regular meetings with external teams to align our program standards
  • Wrote a white paper to address possible improvements to current products

Science Cheerleader​

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I interned for the Product Development team during my time at Microchip. I managed the lifecycle of new products from design through post-production. It was my responsibility to check with our overseas vendors to ensure the status of our deliveries were on time. I also was responsible for communicating this information to our internal customers. I developed a user friendly way to download the product status and sort by customers. This information was then readily available and easy to read. My team went from 2-3 emails per day regarding product status questions, down to about 1 per week

At Microchip, I learned to use various software programs (including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, and Baan) in order to build bills of materials and other documentation for our products.